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October 01-03, 2021 ─ Şanlıurfa-Turkey

Dear Colleagues,

It is a great pleasure to invite you to the "2nd International Marine & Freshwater Sciences Symposium (Marfresh2021)", which will be held on 01-03 October 2021 in Şanlıurfa- Turkey, with the academic contributions of Harran University, Iranian Society of Ichthyology, contributions of Haliliye Municipality, Birecik Vocational School and Tunç Alabalık. We would be highly delighted with your participation. We would also be thankful if you could inform your colleagues about the symposium and encourage them for the participation.

Please note that an author can submit and present maximum 2 papers for the Symposium. There is no extra cost for second paper by same author. All contributions will be reviewed by the Scientific Committee and they reserve the right to decide form of presentation (oral/poster) in case of scope of the presentation or timing.... more

Co-organizing international institutions MARFRESH2021

  • Harran University, Turkey

  • Haliliye Municipality, Şanlıurfa/Turkey

  • Iranian Society of Ichthyolgy, Iran

  • Tunç Alabalık Şanlıurfa/Turkey

  • Birecik Vocational School, Şanlıurfa/Turkey

  • Acta Biologica Turcica

  • FishTaxa, Journal of Fish Taxonomy and Systematics

  • Ecologica Montenegrina

  • Acta Biologica

  • Akademik Birlik Association

  • Mavi Yeşil Doğa ve Bilim Association

  • Palas Academic, İskenderun/Turkey

Symposium Topics

Biodiversity, Conservation & Environmental Protection in Aquatic Resources

Integrated Management of Coastal Zone – Transitional Water Ecosystems & River Basins

3E (Endemic, Exotic & Endangered) Species


Fish diseases

Genetics & Population Genomics: from Genes to Ecosystem

Fisheries, Environmental Impacts, Monitoring & Management

Processing, Economics & Marketing of Fisheries Products

Climate Changes in Aquatic Ecosystems

Sea Level Rise Water Acidification & Hypoxia

Oceanography & Water Pollution

Marine/Inlandwater Biology & Ecology

Biogeochemical Cycles in Aquatic Ecosystems

Marine Protected areas

Environmental Education & Awareness

Waste Water Management

Ports and Maritime Transportation

Sea Pollution and Prevention

Petroleum and Energy

Anthropological Studies

Effects of Agricultural Activities

Tourism and Gastronomy



Official Symposium language:

            The official Symposium language will be English.


Symposium venue:

            Symposium will be held in Harran University Osmanbey Campus Conference Hall    Şanlıurfa/Turkey.